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Why Do I Shoot Film?

May 19, 2022

“Why do you shoot film?” This is something I get asked on a regular basis. It is typically followed by “oohs and ahhs” after I answer to my clients. I have been photographing with film for almost 5 years now.  I can say that it definitely transformed my way of photographing sessions and my style of photography. It has been a learning journey and I have loved every minute of it!

So why, exactly do I photograph with film?

Film forces me to really slow down and photograph more intentionally. Each roll only has 16 exposures, so I want to make the most out of each moment I freeze, seeking out details and connections between the families in front of my camera. I pay closer attention to focusing the camera and also composing my images so that my lighting is absolutely perfect for each of my sessions. Recently, I have begun using flash with my film to emulate natural light. This has allowed me a lot (and I mean A LOT) more freedom with timing and weather during sessions. It has also caused me to carefully evaluate my lighting situations so that my images are more consistent.

Another reason I love and use film is the gorgeous skin tones and colors that the film stock gives. They are truer to life and gives me a starting point to edit, since I do still photograph digital for backup at all sessions. I love experimenting with double exposures and motion blur, which gives a more artistic appeal to my images.

Lastly, well, it’s just so much fun to load the camera, ship the film off, and have the anticipation of all of the beautiful moments we captured at your session. I love seeing those emails from my film lab come through. I always get little butterflies when opening the folder of images. More often than not, I am so excited that I just can’t wait to share the images. This usually results in a quick IG story sneak or even an email to you!

I have included favorites from sessions through the past five years of my film journey, including a couple of photos of my own little boys. I typically use film when photographing my own family as well.

All images were scanned by Photovision Prints. Enjoy viewing the beauty of film!

Little Rock fine art film newborn family and senior portrait photographer
Little Rock fine art film newborn family and senior photographer
Little Rock Arkansas film newborn photographer | mother snuggles baby yawns
Little Rock maternity photographer | Moss mountain farm pregnancy reveal
Little Rock Arkansas Film Senior Photographer | Formal portrait
Little Rock Arkansas Film Photographer_0005.jpg
Little Rock film family photographer | formal family photo smiling
Little Rock film maternity photographer | mom to be looking out of window and holding belly
Little Rock film family photographer | couple embracing double exposure
Little Rock film family photographer | one year old playing with toys being snuggled by mom and dad
Little Rock newborn film photographer | mom cuddling baby sibling looking over baby
Little Rock film senior photographer | fun, trendy, senior portrait
Little Rock film senior photographer | casual fun senior studio
Little Rock Film Newborn Photographer | baby swaddled and baby feet
Little Rock Film Senior Photographer | Ballet and dancing senior session
Little Rock Arkansas Film Photographer_0015.jpg
Little Rock Arkansas Film Photographer_0016.jpg
Little Rock Arkansas Film Photographer_0017.jpg
Little Rock Arkansas Film Family Photographer | Holding baby's hand snuggling baby
Little Rock Arkansas Film Photographer_0019.jpg
Little Rock Arkansas Film Photographer_0020.jpg

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